Active and Intelligent Packaging


14 November 2023 - 15 November 2023    
All Day


Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 243, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012
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The AIPIA World Congress is the only Smart Packaging event covering the entire technology spectrum, for both active and intelligent applications. It is the meeting place for the global smart packaging industry where Brand owners and other stakeholders can network and see and discuss the latest trends and innovations. The Beurs van Berlage in central Amsterdam will once again play host to this international forum for Smart Packaging on 14-15 November 2023.

This year, the AIPIA World Congress will be co-located with the Sustainable Packaging Summit and global packaging Sustainability Awards. Together, the three complimentary events comprise the not-to-be-missed gathering for packaging innovation, bringing a critical mass of brands, investors and entrepreneurs into the venue.

Smart Packaging and Food Waste

Food waste causes more GHG emissions than packaging. The world wastes 30% of food production and, in developed economies most of that occurs during production/distribution and at the consumer level. Smart packaging solutions to extend shelf-life, reduce microbial and bacterial growth and monitor real time condition of perishables as well as creating a more efficient supply chain by better use of data, can make a major impact on these issues. Safe and cost effective active and smart packaging exists to deliver significant reductions in food waste for all types of products- fresh produce, soft fruits, proteins, fish, dairy, etc. But are these being used at scale? Adopting these technologies is crucial. Lets reduce food waste together!
Recycling and Sustainability and the role of Smart Packaging

Smart packaging technologies has a vital role to play in the challenges facing recycling of packaging and sustainability in general. Identifying different materials to improve sorting through digital watermarking, or delivering information about how and where to recycle by connecting with consumers is already being accomplished with smart packaging. But the industry needs to up its game. With less than 10% of plastics packaging recycled and the benefits of using alternative formats not fully proven, the industry and consumers needs smart packaging solutions more than ever to sharpen the processes and deliver the correct information and messages. Sustainability needs to get smarter!
Supply Chain efficiency by Smart Packaging

The Pandemic showed the world just how fragile supply chains are for all types of products. Making these more robust is essential. Smart Packaging provides the tools to help track and trace a product from one end of the supply chain to the other. Whether it’s a complete Blockchain process or straightforward inventory or condition monitoring, smart packaging can make all the difference. Simple to sophisticated, cost effective solutions exist for all types of market needs. The sector has responded to these challenges with a raft of innovative smart technologies. Lets fix broken Supply Chains together with these smart solutions!
Connected Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Consumers have never been more tuned in to the products they buy. Where does it come from? Is it authentic? Is it fake? What is the provenance? What does it contain? Smart, connected packaging can deliver all this information. The Smartphone age has truly arrived and the packaging sector has grabbed hold of its potential. By connecting with consumers, brands can build brand awareness and create a bond with their customers through programs designed to keep them interested in the product. They can also gain invaluable data about what makes their customers tick. Smart packaging is already delivering connected packaging experiences across food, beverage, pharmaceutical, toiletries and a host of other markets. It also offers the means to sort, interpret and act upon the data gathered. Get your product better connected through Smart Packaging!

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