The Greener Manufacturing Show - Europe


8 November 2023 - 9 November 2023    
All Day


Köln Messe
Messeplatz 1, Köln
Map Unavailable

The Greener Manufacturing Show is the must-attend event for any sustainability focused company looking to design and manufacturer their products from more sustainable materials, limit and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and reduce the impact of their industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change.

The Greener Manufacturing Show involves an exhibition and conference and covers the aspects of:

  • Sustainable Materials: Biopolymers & bioplastics, natural raw materials, recycled and secondary raw materials, bio-based adhesives, resins, lubricants and coatings, sustainable & recycled plastics, bio-based foams, industrial biotechnology, compostable solutions, material testing and validation.
  • Green & Sustainable Chemicals: Bio-based chemicals, renewable chemicals, bio-based solvents, biofuels, biorefinery technology, processing technology, lab testing equipment and services, chemical recycling, solvent recovery and reuse, Co2 as a feedstock.
  • Factory Solutions: AI, Blockchain, IoT, sustainability and environmental reporting software, 3D printing, factory automation technology, efficient production equipment, low energy manufacturing solutions, eco-friendly production equipment, low or zero water manufacturing technology, chemical management solutions, solvent recovery, manufacturing waste recovery, environmental monitoring and performance, green procurement and sustainable supply chains
  • Energy and Resources: Corporate energy sourcing, renewable energy providers, energy management and reporting, bioenergy technology, microgrids, energy storage, waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy, combined heat and power systems, water recycling technology, water management, water reuse, energy-efficient HVAC, LED lighting systems, energy-saving technologies
  • Emission Reduction: Carbon capture and storage, industrial emissions control technologies, carbon reduction services, VOC treatment, exhaust scrubbing, emission measurement, carbon offsetting, natural climate solutions, air quality monitoring, low carbon materials, low carbon supply chains, zero-emission delivery vehicles
  • and Circular Economy: Circular manufacturing solutions, manufacturing waste management, production waste recycling technologies, chemical recycling, life-cycle analysis, compostability testing, circularity assessment, waste-value, Co2 as a feedstock, secondary raw material supply chain solutions, product tracking and takeback systems, reverse logistics

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