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Bilateral Call between Argentina and Germany for Funding Technological Research and Development Projects

Bilateral Call between Argentina and Germany for Funding Technological Research and Development Projects

Scope and Conditions

Proposals aiming on the following activities may apply to the funding call:

  • Development of innovative technology at pilot and/or prototype scale.
  • Production of knowledge applicable to a technological solution, the development of which may reach laboratory scale or equivalent.
  • Technological development that, starting from an industrial research activity, results in an innovative product, process or service with market prospects (on a pilot or prototype scale).
  • The maximum duration of projects will be 18 months and exceptionally 24 months.
  • The project proposals should involve actual collaboration in Technological Research and/or Development between companies from both countries.

The proposal must be balanced between the project partners, both in terms of participation in the project R&D activities and in budgetary terms; and the results must be beneficial to all participants.  A proposal is considered to be balanced when the budget of a company or the sum of the budgets of the participating companies of either country does not exceed 70% of the total project budget.

  • Participants must include, at least, one Argentine SME and one German SME, partnering under a collaboration agreement, the minimum content of which is described in section 5.1 of this call. Participation in the project by partners from business groups or linked companies in both countries shall not be considered as international cooperation.
  • Optionally, companies may apply in collaboration with other research organizations, such as universities or technology centres, under a subcontracting scheme.
  • The solution developed must be innovative, an improvement on the state of the art of thetechnology used and show significant potential for commercial application.

Research Topics

The call is open to any type of projects, with priority being given to the following strategic lines in Argentina:


  • Cleaner production
  • Energy transition
  • Higher quality and added value foods
  • New resources for Industry 4.0


For companies in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector, projects are expected to focus on the following topics:


  • Digital transformation technologies/Industry 4.0 (Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality (RX), the Internet of Things, Big Data, sensing and internet of things, 3D and 4D printing, simulation, among others) applied to production lines and services, involving local developments and integration, for innovation in already existing processes and products or the technological development of new processes and products in any sector of the economic activity.
  • Development of hardware and embedded software for the adaptation of pre-existing machinery in information capture and processing and integration or interaction with other devices or systems, machines, robots, collaborative robots, drones, etc.
  • Integration of existing and locally developed technologies, such as embedded systems or smart devices linked to:
  • Monitoring, traceability, automation, management systems for energy efficiency, early warning, predictive maintenance, etc., that involve data acquisition, processing and analysis using artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • Solutions that implement blockchain structure or technologies for computer security (cybersecurity).
  • Simulation processes by designing digital twins.
  • Solutions that promote the digitalization process adding value in fields such as home automation, smart buildings, smart cities, industry 4.0, agritech, renewable energy, logistics, telemedicine, wearables, etc.

Submission process

Phase I: Submission of the proposal application form (PAF), prepared jointly in English, together with a Gantt chart stated in US dollars listing the activities to be performed jointly by the project partners and a consortium agreement by the partners involved in the project.

In addition to the above documents, participants in Argentina must also submit an estimated budget for each of the participating Argentine companies (in Argentine pesos).

In addition to the above documents, participants in Germany must file a complete ZIM application via the electronic upload portal to AiF Projekt GmbH, ZIM project management agency on behalf of BMWK,  in German language. The documents will be evaluated by experts from both Germany an Argentina, and projects considered eligible by both agencies will proceed to phase 2.

Phase 2: The proposals that have received a positive evaluation result in Phase 1 may apply for funding to participate in the project to the respective national funding agency (MINCyT in Argentina adninistered through the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technology Development and Innovation - Agencia I+D+i - FONTAR). Another submission of phase 2 documents to AIF Projekt GmbH (german ZIM project model) is not required.

Submission timeline:

Phase 1 proposals must be submitted towards 15th Dec. 2023 at 6:00 p.m. (Berlin Time)

Phase 2 proposals must be submitted in the timeframe from 7 Feb 2024 to 20 Mar 2024, 6:00 p.m. Buenos Aires timezone.

General Information

Call Type
Transnational Partnership
Eligible Country/ies
Germany, Argenia
Target Groups
Research Institutes, Small- and Medium Enterprises, Industry
Submission Deadlines
Single fixed deadline
(Next) Submission Deadline
15 December 2023
Type of Funding Instrument
Collaborative Projects / Consortia
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