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PHABULOuS Open Call for Pilot Cases

Call identifier: PHABULOuS call

Project acronym: PHABULOuS

Project full name: Pilot-line providing highly advanced & robust manufacturing technology for optical free-form μ-structures

Project grant agreement number: 871710

PHABULOuS is the one-stop-shop for free-form micro-optics, taking designs and prototypes to large-scale manufacturing. We have launched our open call to support you with the implementation and integration of free-form micro-optics, to bring your product to volume markets.

This open call aims to support Europe’s early adopters of our pilot line services to move towards volume production of free-form micro-optical components. Do you have a design and/or prototype and are looking to move your development into pilot or large-scale production?

The PHABULOuS value chain consists of Europe’s leading Companies and Research & Technology Organizations allowing for seamless development from early phase proof-of-concept to regulated pilot production. Depending on the phase of the development and market application, a technical team and prime contractor are selected, who will help the companies to verify the technical requirements and support the company by making a design and/or prototype suited for large scale manufacturing.

Up the 3M€ of funding is available to support a minimum of 20 pilot cases / early adopters. They will be selected within the project to implement free-form micro-optical component and integrate that into their product developments with the aim to go towards large-scale production. The exact amount of subsidies per applicant will be decided based upon the type of company (see who) and the three main selection criteria (see process). For each pilot case, also an in-kind contribution from applicant is expected.

The call is open until 31 Dec 2023 and the PHABULOµS Front Office continuously accepts applications.

General Information

Eligible Country/ies
European Single Market
Target Groups
Small- and Medium Enterprises, Industry, Start-Ups
Submission Deadlines
Multiple deadlines
Type of Funding Instrument
Individual Support
Max. funding amount per project [EURO]
150,000 € (subsidized services)
Overall budget for all projects [EURO]
3,000,000 €

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Author Info

John Fahlteich

Member since 2 years ago

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