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Up2Circ Incentive Scheme for Circular Business Models

About Up2Circ

Up2Circ is an international project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme – Horizon 2.4 – Digital, Industry and Space.

The Up2Circ project aims to accelerate and scale up the transition of European SMEs towards a circular economy. Up2Circ will develop and implement attractive and efficient measures tailored to specific needs of each company.

The Up2Circ client’s journey to circularity starts with the ‘Wake-Up2Circ’ phase, showing what opportunities circular innovation can offer SMEs. Together with their Up2Circ regional advisor, the SME develops a detailed action plan with next steps to be taken towards becoming more circular. The SME can then participate in the Up2Circ Academy, which is a set of training modules, each of which shows a detailed pathway to implementing circular solutions for their business and includes knowledge on implementing advanced technologies and social innovation as enablers of circularity. SMEs that want to go further – to change their business models to circularity or to implement specific transition measures towards circular products, processes and services – can apply for 3rd funding (up to €50,000). We will present the most inspiring stories of implemented projects in the catalogue of Up2Circ success stories.

Open Call / Incentive Scheme

Starting from September 2023 - Up2Circ Project plans to support 92 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with third party funding for implementing circular ecomomy principles and business models and performing transition to an ecomonomically sustainable business.

Details about the open calls will be published as soon as available.

The programme will be run in a period between September 2023 and May 2025.

General Information

Call Type
EU Horizon Europe
Eligible Country/ies
EU27 and countries associated to the Horizon Europe Funding Programme
Target Groups
Small- and Medium Enterprises, Start-Ups
Submission Deadlines
Continuous submission
(Next) Submission Deadline
31 December 2023
Type of Funding Instrument
Individual Support
Max. funding amount per project [EURO]
50,000 €
Overall budget for all projects [EURO]
to be updated

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