Critical raw and advanced materials for the electrolyser sector

Electrolysers are devices that use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Currently, electrolysis accounts for a small portion (about 4%) of hydrogen production, but this is expected to grow significantly. Electrolysers and fuel cells are crucial for the hydrogen economy, aiding in decarbonizing energy systems. The 2021 Electrolyser Partnership Declaration stated that achieving REPowerEU goals of 10 million tons of clean hydrogen by 2030 requires 100GW of installed electrolyser capacity in Europe. The Electrolyser Partnership aims to establish a robust market for electrolysers. At the 2023 Electrolyser Summit, it was noted that Europe's manufacturing capacity stands at 3.1GW/year, with plans to increase to 21GW/year by 2025. This expansion faces challenges, including supply chain integration and raw material availability. To address these, the European Commission's Green Deal Industrial Plan, including the NZIA and CRMA, aims to support sustainable supply chains. The Electrolyser Partnership urges prioritizing electrolyser technologies in these frameworks to strengthen European industrial leadership and hydrogen supply chains.

Read about the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance here.

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