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Business Modelling

Service dedicated to innovators who want to develop a novel solution in the context of one or more of the other services on the platform. This service can include one or more of the following packages:

  • preliminary analysis and feasibility study of the market and positioning of the potential solution;
  • refinement of innovator’s vision on the solution;
  • market survey to examine the landscape related to the solution, potential customer base;
  • full analysis of customers interest and needs;
  • alignment of the innovation idea to customer and market needs;
  • business case calculations, protifablilty assessement and identification of target regional sub-markets;
  • analysis of local regulations for targeted applications;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • business plan: pricing structure and quantification of revenue streams in relation to CAPEX and OPEX;
  • financial strategy: definition of a roadmap towards the economic sustainability of business.


Input needed from customer
A description of the innovative idea (e.g., design, materials, field of application), potential customer segments (if known), target timing of development and go-to-market, target volumes, target turnover (if known), investment budget (if known).
Specifications and Deliverables
A report including at least one section for each of the packages selected by the innovator.
Value Proposition
This service will allow a technical innovator to have a clear idea on the foreseen costs and revenues related to its innovation, with a clear positioning of its solution on the reference market and (if any) niche market(s).

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