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Plasma Patch on the basis of a textile, flexible configuration

The technology is a special design of a plasma source based on a dielectrically impeded discharge. This plasma source is designed in such a way that a flexible textile carrier material is used as the basis. A conductive textile layer is applied to its surface, which serves as the grounded electrode of the plasma configuration. This can be either woven or fleece material. The high-voltage electrode in the form of wire material (preferably polyimide) with special insulation is applied to this conductive layer. This electrode can be designed in any size and shape. In addition, geometries can be designed in the plasma configuration that contains special recesses in order to be able to wrap the plasma configuration around the geometry.

The connection to a high-voltage supply is made via a special plug/cable connection. The supply unit can be designed to be small (<<10 kV) and with low power requirements based on this technology and the voltages required. An embodiment based on battery technology is therefore possible.

TRL: 4 (validated in laboratory experiments)


Specifications and Deliverables
– 2 patents granted (EP and US)
– First industrially manufactured sample
– Overview of optimization measures and solutions
Value Proposition
This technology can cover a huge market in the treatment of chronic wounds and burns in veterinary and human medicine.
Due to the envisaged manufacturing technology, scaling and different designs (e.g. for the treatment of percutaneous accesses) are easier to implement than with other flexible plasma sources.

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