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Enfucell’s SoftBattery is an environmental-friendly energy storage device. It consists of a thin, flexible substrate material and a micro energy cell. It can be integrated into various types of products, including wearable devices and flexible electronics. The SoftBattery is ideal for applications where traditional batteries are not suitable due to their rigid form factor. Additionally, the SoftBattery can be produced efficiently in a roll-to-roll process, making it a cost-effective solution for powering small devices and IoT applications.


Specifications and Deliverables
An example of the product is SoftBattery type 3654 3.0V
– Voltage: 3.0V
– Internal resistance: 90 Ω
– Capacity: 20 mAh @ 1 mA
– Size: 36 x 54 mm
– Thickness: 0.7 mm
– Weight: 2.0 g
– Operating temperature: -35…50 °C

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