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NEW Innovation Platform & Marketplace: Preregistration open

The start-up KETMarket accelerates the innovation process and transfers new ideas and innovative technologies to the market in half of the time!

Seven innovative Entrepreneurs launched a new company to facilitate and recreate interaction between European SME, industry research organisations and investors with a digital platform and marketplace for technology and innovations. The platform catalyses the transformation of ideas into products and accelerates the product development process to 50% less duration and with improved cost efficiency. With that, European SME fulfil projected market needs faster and keep the economic advantage. Scientists and researchers realize their results and knowledge into the market. Innovators and inventors will turn their creations quickly to profitable businesses. Innovation Investors gain maximum possible local and international security for their investments.

The Start-up KETMarket solves multiple challenges Small and Medium Enterprises are facing. The KETMarket platform bridges the existing gaps to make funds accessible, connects local networks internationally to access cutting-edge technology, and covers the language barriers. It connects inventors, innovators, research facilities, investors, producers, and sales experts on a European level and internationally. With that KETMarket caters to the individual needs of all its platform members.

Our mission and focus is to accelerate technology uptake in the market and to provide all SME in the European Economic Area fast-track access to any technologies they require. We provide access to financing and funding and to customers and supply chains. This allows companies to turn their ideas to market successful products radically faster and cheaper

KETMarket’s digital open innovation platform and marketplace will provide SME with available up to date technologies in Europe, offerings for research and development services, and patents seeking for licensees as well as funding opportunities. Research and Technology organisations gain the possibility to promote their technologies and services to SME all over Europe. Innovation Investors find any services needed to secure technical due diligence and understand the market potential of investment opportunities.

Pre-registration for the platform has opened and technologies, offerings and innovative products can already be submitted!

EU wide launch of the platform including an online shop for innovative prototypes is scheduled for 31st March 2022. Besides Technology Offers, users may advertise Events, find investors, value chain partners and regional, national, and international funding opportunities. In a second phase market and technology information, reports and results will additionally be accessible. In addition to the platform KETMarket, supports product development with bundled innovation services as general contractor, coordinating all interactions between the customer and the technology providers for maximum efficiency. KETMarket relies on it’s founders’ expertise with more than 15 years of experience in coordinating development and innovation projects in Nanotechnology and related High-Tech Markets.

In a strategic partnership with AMIRES, a Swiss-Czech innovation consulting company, KETMarket continues to develop the European Open Innovation Ecosystem including the Open Innovation Test Beds, Digital Innovation Hubs and Open Access Pilot Lines. KETMarket is ready to support all the innovation networks with promoting their services, technical facilities and technologies to SME in the whole European Market!

Companies like KETMarket will provide the customer-focused services and finally close the gap between strong European R&D capacities and the real and scalable use of developed market proof know-how by SMEs and large companies.

KETMarket will be present at various international events in 2022 including LOPE-C 2022 (22-24 March, Munich, Germany), the Industrial Technologies Conference (27-29 June, Grenoble, France) and the NANOTEXNOLOGY Event (4-7 July, Thessaloniki, Greece).

About KETMarket:

KETMarket GmbH has been founded in December 2021 by seven German and Czech Entrepreneurs and is located in Dresden, Germany. In 2022 KETMarket is expected to grow to 5 employees.



AMIRES s.r.o. is an established innovation consulting company, with a focus on preparation and execution of business-oriented EU funded innovation projects in the field of new materials, new production processes, photonics, biology, digital technologies for markets like: Electronics, Energy, Environment, Mobility, Packaging, Textile, Health and Food. Website:

Press contact:

Dr. John Fahlteich,,
Phone: +49 151 40 70 73 80,
KETMarket GmbH,
Österreicher Straße 83A,
01279 Dresden, Germany,

Explanation of terms:

Open Innovation Test Beds: Open Innovation Test Beds are thematic innovation networks funded by the European Commission with the ambition to provide open access to bundled technical facilities and innovation boosting services (such as feasibility studies, technology rating, and access to investors). Examples of Open Innovation Test Beds are FlexFunction2Sustain (; OASIS (; Safe-n-MedTech ( or NewSkin (

Digital Innovation Hubs: Digital Innovation Hubs consult companies in all aspects of the digital transformation providing access to digital technologies, services and products.

Open Access Pilot Lines: Open Access Pilot Lines bridge the gap between the lab and the mass production by providing access to connected pilot production facilities for innovative products. An example for an open access pilot line is the PHABULOUS ( pilot line for free-form micro-optics or MedPhab ( pilot line for Photonic Medical Devices.