KETMarket Key Partners

At KETMarket, we recognize the paramount importance of collaboration and synergy in achieving our goals. Our success is intricately woven into the fabric of strong and strategic partnerships. We take pride in fostering relationships with key partners who share our vision, values, and commitment to excellence. These alliances extend beyond mere business transactions; they represent a shared journey towards innovation, growth, and mutual success. 


AMIRES is a consulting company for research, development, and innovation projects. Their main strength lies in the creation of new international sustainable partnerships within innovation-focused value chains. The projects they develop remain the main enablers for their industrial clients and their growth, providing important opportunities for the R&D community. AMIRES participated / participates in over 50 FP7, H2020 and HE projects.

They specialize in the creation of consortia of partners with a common aim for product or service innovation with significant potential for know-how commercialization. Their unique and profound knowledge of the European public funding environment (e.g., the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, 7th Framework Programme EU for research and technological development), as well as their broad network of market key-players, contribute to the high quality of entrusted projects. They follow projects from their initiation and planning, through negotiation, execution, and management to the final stage, where the exploitation of new technologies, products, or services is facilitated. For their clients, they also provide external relations activities towards European funding institutions (e.g., European Commission, Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), Executive Agencies) and other international bodies (e.g., European Technology Platforms and clusters).

Convert2Green Converting Facilities Network for accelerating uptake of climate neutral materials in innovative products with about 18 partners.

Convert2Green is an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) that enables material suppliers to integrate their innovative, circular and carbon neutral material solutions to the European Key Value Chains:
Clean Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Health, Industrial IoT, Low Carbon Industry, Clean Energy

ESNA is the new European Sustainable Nanotechnology solutions Association which transforms innovative ideas into pioneering products!

The thematic focus of ESNA is the surface modification of plastic and paper surfaces and membranes with nanotechnologies for sustainable and/or smart innovative products. By interconnecting various players, the association creates a framework for efficient collaboration on technical and business level by providing easy, fast-track access to the facilities and services to SMEs, start-ups and industry.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP is located in Dresden and focuses on developing innovative solutions, technologies and processes for surface modification and organic electronics.For the development of solutions for various industrial tasks in surface treatment, vacuum coating and for organic semiconductors we use our core competencies in


Our work encompasses five business fields: Food, Packaging, Product Performance, Processing Machinery, and Recycling and Environment. We not only tackle current challenges but also put attention on topics of the future such as the bioeconomy, circular economy, and digitalization.

For example, we develop high-quality foods and packaging materials from renewable raw materials and waste materials. These products meet the highest sensory requirements. New technical applications and intelligent digital solutions ensure trouble-free machine processing and minimize the environmental impact. With regard to the efficient use of resources, we also develop innovative recycling processes and convert recyclates back into high-quality materials.

Our expertise is also sought after outside the food and packaging industries. We endeavor to find customized solutions for a whole range of challenges and to take these through to commercialization. All of our customers greatly value our expertise.

Fraunhofer IWS develops complex system solutions in materials and laser technology. We define ourselves as idea drivers developing customized solutions based on laser applications, functionalized surfaces and material and process innovations – from easy-to-integrate custom solutions to cost-efficient solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to industry-ready one-stop solutions.

Our sector research focuses on aerospace, energy and environmental technology, automotive, medical and mechanical engineering, toolmaking, electrical engineering and microelectronics, and photonics and optics. In our five future and innovation fields of battery technology, hydrogen technology, surface functionalization, photonic production systems and additive manufacturing, we are already creating the basis today for the technological answers of tomorrow.

Mit unserer Gründung im Jahre 1998 sind wir Ansprechpartner für Klein- und Mittelständische Unternehmen.

Durch die Vielzahl der Technologiefelder und Branchen und auch der Handlungsaufgaben in einem Unternehmen selbst, gehören wir mit unserem Team zu einer der erfahreneren Unternehmensberatungen.

Die GEMIFO betreut als Netzwerkmanager seit  November 2014 verschiedene Netzwerke für Kooperation und Innovation.

Unser Werte sind Ihre Stärke: Teamfähigkeit, Eigeninitiative, Lösungsorientierung und wir erweitern Ihre Sichtweise.


Open Access Single entry point for scale-up of Innovative Smart lightweight metal and composite materials and components. It complements you with technological and business services to support further development of marketable products.

OASIS offers a one-stop full package offer including business support services for accelerated innovation studies and success in industrialisation, market penetration and commercialisation of products.

17 leading companies representing high-impact sectors (automotive, aerospace and civil engineering) have already worked with us to implement the tangible materials and components developed through the 12 pilot lines and associated services in real use cases.

Creating the right partnerships is essential to both companies and research institutes. OE-A have over 200 members from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. OE-A’s strength lies in its global reach and international presence. By organizing meetings, workshops, and networking events around the world, OE-A and its members seize opportunities in an emerging industry. Besides that, OE-A also organizes seminars, presents and exhibits at various renowned international trade fairs and conferences, and hosts its flagship annual LOPEC event.

This network with over 50 members was founded on October 6th 2008 by seven companies and three research institutes from the organic sector in order to strengthen the organic center in Saxony and global.

Our range of services

  • application and coordination of regional, national and European projects
  • management of conferences, workshops and symposia
  • support of start-ups and placement of financial support
  • representation of the regional organic and printed electronics community
  • lobbying within the regional and national government and the European commission
  • training and education

The core business of SmartEEs is to make the digital transformation work for people and businesses, with an active underlying attention to contributing to a greener Europe. Our main goal is to promote digital competitiveness in, among other areas, human capital, broadband connectivity, and the integration of key digital technologies by businesses and digital public services.

Fully digitizing society is necessary for a sustainable shift toward an inclusive, equitable, and healthy society. In order to attain such fully digitized society, electronics have to conform to things: living and nonliving. Herein lies the value of flexible and wearable electronics (FWE) and the promise of a significant industry to be. Integrating FWE solutions into as many sectors as possible will assist in areas as diverse as improving health care, optimizing city life, and enhancing food traceability.

SONNENBERG HARRISON is your partner for innovation, law and businesses and offers a comprehensive service and solution-oriented advice in the field of intellectual property and technology law.

The quality of our work, our effectiveness and our commitment to the interests of our clients are of paramount importance to us.

Providing legal advice is second nature to us. But we think first of all in an entrepreneurial way. It is not about being right, but about ensuring the success of your company. We recommend legal strategies that serve your entrepreneurial goals.

We are team players, both internally across our offices and countries and working together with our clients.

How successful is your company?
The most important thing in your company is your employees.

Together we break down old thought patterns. We use methods that lead to an enormous willingness to change. We then give you the tools to translate this willingness to change into a measurable increase in efficiency and a strong structure.

The network of the white ip group comprises specialized intellectual property experts with interdisciplinary experiences in strategic management, tax and finance, property rights, business law and the defense of creativity and product development.

This gives you the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice and support on all legal, business management and tax challenges within a direct line of communication.

We support you with interdisciplinary expertise, close cooperation and a view of the big picture. Our goal is to turn innovative ideas into successful products and know-how into company values.