Accelerate Innovation

About us

KETMarket has been founded in November 2021 by a group of seven enthusiastic innovators and entrepreneurs with the vision to unite innovators, service suppliers for research and development, business consultants and investors to Europe’s largest Open Innovation Ecosystem.

“KETMarket will digitalize and drastically accelerate the innovation process from the idea to market-sucessful products Made in Europe.”

Dr. John Fahlteich, CEO of KETMarket

Our core competencies

Market-effective realisation of innovations​

World-class technology database

From idea to the final product

Select the best suited technologies and services

Actively interconnecting every stakeholder necessary

Solving our customers' challenges

KETMarket established efficient, customer-oriented planning and coordination procedures for complex services involving multiple partners. We plan and coordinate all steps necessary to turn an idea to a market-ready product reducing cost, technical and interaction risks during development.

KETMarket is active in the whole European Economic Area and provides its services through local agents in multiple languages.