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KETMarket Innovation Database is organized in 3 modules:

  1. The Innovation Marketplace: Promote your technology, innovation service, or patents that you are seeking licensees for. Browse the database to see examples of other members and to get an inspiration how your entries could look like.
  2. The Community Module: Advertise your events (visible to everyone), submit technology requests (visible to members, only), find investors or SME seeking investment. Find partners for funding calls by submitting the call data and indicating the needed expertise.
  3. Knowledge Base: The knowledgebase provides summaries of project reports, technology news, training items and workshops. The knowledgebase is accessible for Premium Members only. Submitting 10 Items per year to the knowledge-base grants you access to all documents as standard member.

Only registered users may submit technolgy offers. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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