Newsletter - September 2022

KETMarket accelerates your product development...

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In the recent years, multiple Open Innovation Networks have been established in Europe to support small and medium enterprises (SME) and industry in developing new products faster and more efficient. All these networks gather leading universities, applied research organizations and companies offering bundled development services. These networks include:

  1. Open Innovation Test Beds – support you in testing your idea and accessing all necessary technologies & services for your product development
  2. Open Access Pilot Lines – provide pilot and small series OEM manufacturing services for new products for earlier market deployment
  3. Digital Innovation Hubs – guide you through the digital transition and make your processes more efficient through digital technologies

Some of the networks recently launched open calls, though which you may receive subsidized access to the technical and innovation services provided by the networks with a budget between 60,000 … 150,000 €. Ask us to get support in finding the most suited innovation network and open calls for your needs.