Affordable 3D-Printed Houses in Japan: Just $38,000!

Initially touted for cost savings, 3D printing, now termed additive manufacturing, was expected to revolutionize affordability, especially in housing. However, in the US, 3D-printed houses remain costly, like Texan ones priced at $450,000.

On the contrary, Japan's Serendix achieved a breakthrough, constructing a 3D-printed house for $37,824. These compact houses cater to the Japanese market at 50 square meters, aligning with the vision to offer affordable homes for elderly or childless couples.

Serendix is collaborating with over 205 consortium companies to tackle housing challenges by emphasizing technology, housing solutions, and affordability.

Read the full press release here.

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Date published
16 July 2023
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
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Serendix; Keio University; Miyagi University

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