IGEPA group becomes Heliatek’s exclusive specialized wholesale partner

Heliatek, a global leader in organic solar films, has entered an exclusive partnership with the IGEPA group, a prominent European wholesale trading group. This collaboration designates IGEPA as the exclusive specialized wholesale partner for Heliatek's innovative solar film, HeliaSol®. The partnership encompasses IGEPA group's seven trading houses in Germany and its locations in Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

HeliaSol®, known for being ultra-light, flexible, and ultra-thin, can be adhered to nearly any building surface, transforming rooftops and facades into active solar power generators. The collaboration aims to leverage market potential and promote sustainable energy generation across Europe. Guido van Tartwijk, Heliatek's CEO, highlights the significance of reaching new customers and regions through IGEPA group, emphasizing the attractiveness of their solar films for customers seeking simple and sustainable ways to enhance energy independence.

IGEPA group's Managing Director, Gunnar Fecken, stresses the importance of sustainability for their customers and sees the collaboration as an opportunity for economic success with innovative, environmentally friendly products. Heliatek's solutions provide a pathway for IGEPA's customers to enter the growing solar market, offering easy installation, sustainability, and a "Made in Germany" label, making them an ideal solution for creating both visually and functionally sustainable rooftops and facades.

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12 December 2023
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Heliatek; IGEPA Group

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