Roof renovation with pre-fabricated rooftop elements with HeliaSol

A rooftop solar project in Dülmen, Germany, featuring Heliatek's HeliaSol solar films, has been completed, showcasing the versatility of this technology for sustainable energy solutions. Partnering with Laukien and TEPE Systemhallen, the project integrated 690 HeliaSol solar films into rooftop elements, creating a 38 kWp Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) system, the most powerful of its kind in Germany. TEPE Systemhallen CEO, Maximilian Klein, praised the films for their light weight and easy installation, enhancing the sustainability of their system halls. The seamless integration of the solar films into Laukien's manufacturing process enabled efficient installation and showcased the potential for pre-integrated PV solutions in construction projects. Heliatek CEO, Guido van Tartwijk, highlighted the project's role in transforming buildings into sustainable energy sources, emphasizing the innovation and eco-friendly practices it promotes.

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25 April 2024
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TEPE Systemhallen

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