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Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits with Automation system control application

Analysis of defects from production process

Critical and unknown defects are a serious problem for the production process. Long lasting uncertainty can risk the customer relationship and creates a lot of stress for the whole company. KETMarket has a wide network on analytic partners and a deep understanding of production processes (R2R and S2S coating in vacuum and on air, etc.).
The analysis of the defects needs a systematic approach and a good access to the right analytic methods. KETMarket will be able to organize the analysis service for you out of one hand and very fast. The analytic methods can be REM, AFM, TEM or anything what is needed.




Input needed from customer
Samples of the defect with a process description and all other available information
Specifications and Deliverables
Report from all analyses
Value Proposition
Analysis of defects from your production process with timely matter and the right analytic methods
Support by finding the reason for creating the defects

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