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Application tailored PET and PEN polyester substrates

Polyester substrates with wide ranging properties 

  • high dimensional stable films
  • formable films
  • defect free smooth surfaces 
  • embossible, oleophobic, hydrofobic, scuff resistant surfaces
  • treated surfaces for adhesion promotion
  • UV absorbing. hydrolysis resistant films

to make them suitable specific for applications needing

  • high resolution processing 
  • defect free deposition
  • resistance against environmental exposure
  • moulding into non flat surfaces
  • solvent resistance
  • high clarity and transparency
  • processing at higher temperatures 
  • fire retardance
  • anti fouling or easy cleaning



Specifications and Deliverables
Enabling product developments needing (tailored) lower cost substrates.
Value Proposition
Enabling development of new application with cost effect solutions. Combining properties meeting range of functionality requirements thereby rationalising product design and enable process simplification

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