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atmoFlex 1250 roll-to-roll machine for coating, laminating, electron beam curing and treatment


The wet coating of polymer films and other flexible substrates and their modification allows these materials to be used in a wide range of products. Roll-to-roll plants allow coatings to be efficiently applied at favorable cost.

With the new coating line atmoFlex 1250 (manufactured by 3D-Micromac GmbH, Germany) optical and decorative functional layers, abrasion resistant layers and structured layers manufactured by embossing processes can be applied. The maximum web speed of 150 m/min ensures highly productive coating processes. Wet and dry lamination processes are also possible with the atmoFlex 1250.

The wet coating takes place through a 1.2 m wide slot-die, ensure highly uniform 1 1.2 m wide slot-die, heatable up to 50°C 2 atmoFlex 1250, topview 3 atmoFlex 1250, rewinding section with lamination capabilities layers in web and cross-web direction. The crosslinking of lacquers will be done by means of an electron beam system. This system may be used also for post-curing of polymers or sterilization of polymer webs or textiles.

All rollers within the atmoFlex 1250 are optimized regarding diameter and surface to handle pre-coated materials properly. Therefore vacuum coated materials maybe processed without altering the thin and delicate vacuum layers. The atmoFlex 1250 enables Fraunhofer FEP to provide a complete in-house process chain for research and development of multilayer systems, made by wet and vacuum coating processes at industrial scale.


  • slot die
  • lamination
  • electron beam curing
  • electron beam treatment
  • in-line pre-treatment/ contact cleaning
  • optimized handling of pre vacuum-coated

Our offer

  • development of technologies for coating polymer films and other flexible materials
  • coating tests of lacquers, cured by radiation for different applications (optical and decorative functional layers, abrasion resistant layers, permeation barrier layers)
  • development and testing of key components
  • sample provision for testing and marketing purposes, and pilot production
  • studies on the efficiency of coating processes



Flyer – atmoFlex 1250


Specifications and Deliverables
coating width from 100 to 1200 mm; substrate width from 200 to 1250 mm; substrate thickness from 10 to 300 µm; winding speed from 0.5 to 150 m/min; substrate material paper, polymer films, metal foil, flexible glass
Value Proposition
We offer research and development from first tests up to pilot production in broad range of application areas like decorative coatings, sustainable packaging, high gloss or ultra-matted coatings or material treatment for changing mechanical properties.

More Info and Video

Additional documents (Flyers, Specification Sheets, Material Safety Datasheets…)

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