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Battery Materials in easily-recycleable injectable batteries

Battery recycling will become a major issues in the next years. While much efforts have been devolted to improving the recycling process, battery concept needs to be revisited if breakthoughs in recycling are to be achieved. In this context, the injectable batteries is a new type of battery which design largely facilitates battery recycling. Active materials are easily recovered separately, and the battery cell are entirely reused. A team at The International Research Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies (ICCRAM) from the University of Burgos (UBU) is at the forefront of the development of this new battery technology. Battery materials manufacturers that are interesting in exploring the performance of their materials for this emerging battery technology can do it through the service offer at ICCRAM.


Specifications and Deliverables
The customers will provide their materials. ICCRAM will evaluate the performance of these materials in the emerging battery technology. The deliverable will disclose the performance of the materials in terms of cycle stability and power capacity at specific condictions (temperature, mass loading, etc).
Value Proposition
This service offers the evaluation of battery materials produced by interested manufacturers in this promising and emerging battery technology; the injectable battery, which main feacture is its easily recyclability and reuse of entire battery cells.

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