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Ceramic Multilayer based LTCC Technology

Multilayers based on Low or High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC/HTCC) have a wide range of applications in different fields of electronics and Microsystems. With its ability to become three dimensionally structured, it is possible to integrate electrical circuits, to build up mechanical, fluidic or optical based sensory solutions and to realize ceramic packages for Si – based Logic or MEMS.

The advantages of LTCC/HTCC solutions are:

  • Realization of hybrid components with integrated dielectric, conducting, magnetic, piezoelectric and sensorial materials,
  • High temperature stability (300°C LTCC, >1000°C HTCC),
  • Excellent thermo-mechanical adaption to silicon,
  • Hermetical sealing,
  • Stability in aggressive atmospheres and
  • Outstanding high-frequency qualities (εR » 5-7, tan δ » 0,001).

The Fraunhofer IKTS has extensive tools for the design of multilayer ceramic based components and systems. A complete technology line for developing and producing of LTCC/HTCC components is available. Additionally we have the equipment for the functional characterization of ceramic microsystems (e.g. pressure- and flow-sensors) and for reliability studies.

Besides we use all well-known material systems of commercial providers as well as our in house developed materials like pastes and sheets for special applications.


Specifications and Deliverables
• R&D services for ceramic multilayer-based components and systems
• Material selection corresponding to the needed requirements
• Design and construction
• R&D for special applications
• Integration of 3D structures (channels, membranes, cavities)
• 3D-metalization
• Sacrificial layer technology
• Pressure-assisted sintering
• Characterization and Test

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