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Customizable 3D-Printers

GeSiM’s BioScaffolder is not an ordinary 3D printer, not only does it have the ability to print cells, but its wide range of tools and customer-friendly interface make it your best ally in additive manufacturing. This versatile machine is designed to handle from tissue engineering applications to printed electronics.
What sets the BioScaffolder apart? It can print from up to three cartridges, each with different nozzles at different temperatures, and has a total of 7 axis to integrate different tools. Making it flexible and completely customizable for each one of our customers.
Its unique ability to combine 3D printing and nanolitre pipetting in one process is one of the key features that makes this machine one of its kind. The BioScaffolder also excels in micro-liquid handling, ranging from picolitres to millilitres due to our piezo technology. This enables the non-contact spotting of liquids with high precision onto your print. All in 1 platform!
The BioScaffolder is compatible with a variety of materials. From thermoplastic materials such as PCL, PLA, PLGA (blends), etc., to hydrogels, alginate, hydroxyapatite, ceramic pastes, calcium phosphate cement, and more.
The BioScaffolder is available in different models, each customizable to cater to specific needs. Whether you’re a research lab looking for a compact solution, or a high-throughput operation seeking robust functionality, there’s a BioScaffolder model for you.
Refer to our brochure to get a better view of some applications. Contact us to discuss further your specific needs.


Specifications and Deliverables
The GeSiM BioScaffolder is customized for our client's specific needs and the deliverables will be according to each specific application.

We offer optimization of printing parameters and demos.

More Info and Video

Additional documents (Flyers, Specification Sheets, Material Safety Datasheets…)

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