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Flexible organic solar cells

Flexible transparent electrodes for research, development and small series production

KETMarket has a wide network of companies with sputtering capacity and can supply plastic film with transparent conductive coatings (indium tin oxide – ITO, dielectric metal dielectric (DMD) and thin metal layers) coated substrates from the size of an A4 sheet up to 1.6m wide, up to 500 m long rolls. Standard ITO coatings are readily available on heat stabilized PET films with sheet resistance of 45 Ohm.

Based on your requirements and specification, we will select the best suited product and supplier and will deliver transparent conductive films as sheets or rolls.


Specifications and Deliverables
Size and volume (from A4 sheets up to 1.6 m x 500 m)
Sheet resistance (45 … XXX Ohm available), transmission, properties after temperature impact
Value Proposition
Suitable ITO / transparent electrode coating for your special needs in development and production
Get the best matching transparent conductive film product for your case – making use of more than 15 years experience in the field.
Secure supply through our multi-source strategy
Take advantage of lower prices due to order bundling by KETMarket

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