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conga-connect – Industrial IoT Connectivity Solution

congatec conga-connect

Intelligent “multi-edge” gateway for easy yet cybersecure connectivity between shopfloor (OT), IT and cloud

Key USPs:

  • Cybersecurity by Design
  • Zero-Code
  • Modular Edge Device, designed by the Market Leader in COMs
  • Ultra-fast implementation of use-cases, fastest proof-of-concept
  • Fully Scalable
  • Transparent Pricing: Pay what you use
  • Unique Feature Set
  • Unified Data from various OT sources:
    OPCUA, S7, MQTT, IOLink, ModBus, MQTT, REST, …
    extensible protocol stack
  • extensive Edge Computing Capabilities
  • Integrated Web-SCADA based on Websocket Communication
    –> fully interactive web representations
  • Integrated VPN-Remote Access Gateway with separate network port (integrated 2-way authorization)
  • Flawless connectivity from shopfloor to IT to cloud and back
  • broad range of applications and use cases:
    shopfloor to MES, integration of energy management information, digital asset management / digital nameplates, digital twins for predictive maintenance, …


Specifications and Deliverables
Edge-Computing and IoT-Gateway
Remote Control & Maintenance
IT/OT Security (Physical Network Separation, Firewall functionality, Data-centric connectivity)
PLC Connectivity
Database & Cloud connectivity
Integrated VPN gateway
Value Proposition
Whenever there is the need to connect OT (operations technology, aka machines, sensors, systems, processes) and IT systems (databases, MES, ERP) and Cloud, a lot of companies struggle to achieve holistic data convergence (old and new machines, various protocols and architectures, legacy systems and protocols) at affordable costs and within acceptable time.
This solution is a real ZERO-CODE, intrinsically cybersecure edge gateway, which allows to achieve data convergence in shortest applicable time, without any compromise on cybersecurity and, being fully scalable, suitable for applications where a single machine shall be connected to connecting whole factories and sites.

More Info and Video

Additional documents (Flyers, Specification Sheets, Material Safety Datasheets…)

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