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Machine specification

Creating your customized Machine Specification as a Service

KETMarket has a deep understanding of R2R coating machines for lab and production needs. The coating technologies, web drive and inline measurement capabilities must fit to your product needs. You can only satisfy your customer if quality, costs, and throughput are in line with the market needs.

If you want to apply layers by PVD, PE-CVD, evaporation or other coating technologies to substrates ranging from polymer films (like PET, ETFE, PEN etc.), metal foils, non-wovens, textiles or membranes in various thicknesses, you must have the right specification to get the suitable machine.

The machine can be for automotive, architectural, medical, and/or electronic applications. KETMarket can find for you Production Capacity to bridge the time till the new specified machine is operational.

The Make-or-Buy Analysis is a great starting point to make first the right decision about internal or external production.




Specifications and Deliverables
• Qualified specification for your coating machine discussed and organized by KETMarket
Value Proposition
• Assessment of your coating needs to specify the most suitable machine for your business from subject matter experts
• Support on the whole process from the decision to buy a machine till it is operational

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