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Multi-Material 3D Printers: Ceramics, Metals and More Material

With an AMAREA multi-material 3D printer based on the Multi Material Jetting (MMJ) technology you can produce parts and components by combining different materials of the same class of materials, such as metals, ceramics, and plastics and even combine different classes of materials – all in a single build job.

Combine materials to combine material properties for more functionality in structural parts and components.

For example. to produce a heated shaping tool, instead of manufacturing separate parts and assembling them, just integrate a heater directly into a shaping tool at the spot where the heat is needed for an effective and efficient process.


Process chain:

The overall process chain is a sintering process chain based on powder technology, i.e. parts from the 3D printer are so-called green parts. Green parts are thermally processed after 3D printing, i.e. debinded and sintered.


AMAREA Multi-material 3D printers:

Modular & upgradable 3D printing system with tailored control software

Up to 6 print heads:Combine up to 6 different materials drop-by-drop and layer by layer at high-precision throughout the build volume
Integrated 3D profile sensor:For automated in-line monitoring, build job documentation, and accelerated parameterization
Optional laser module:For in-line green processing, such as ablation, structuring, and smoothing
Building envelope (x | y | z):up to 530 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm
Lateral resolution (xy):from 200 µm for build material
from 100 µm for support material
Layer thickness (z):from 100 µm for build material
from 100 µm for support material
Design file format:.3mf (open source)


Printable materials portfolio:

  • Oxide, nitride & carbide ceramics
    • Alumina
    • Zirconia
    • Aluminum nitride
    • Silicon nitride
    • Silicon carbide
    • Silicon carbide – Glass
    • Titanium oxide
  • Hard metals & cermets
    • Tungsten carbide cobalt
    • Titanium carbonitride
  • Sintered glasses
    • Borosilicate glass
  • Metals & precious metals
    • 316L
    • 17-4PH
    • Silver
  • Glass-ceramics
    • LTCC
  • Polymers
    • Particle-filled thermoplastics
    • Polycaprolacton
  • Custom-made for you
    Technically, any material powder can be transformed into a 3D-printable material, depending on the powder properties. Hence, materials which are not already in our portfolio can be added swiftly. Just supply the material powder or let us source it for you and we custom-make a 3D-printable material for you.


Specifications and Deliverables
We offer you to use advanced additive manufacturing capabilities with our Multi-material 3D printers based on the novel Multi Material Jetting (MMJ) Technology for:

(1) Producing innovative parts that were previously to produce not possible with only a single material.

(2) Reducing complex production pipelines for assemblies to Multi-material additive manufacturing of an assembly as a single part in a single build job.

(3) Miniturization and function integration in a single build job.
Value Proposition
Additive manufacturing with multiple materials was previously limited to the use of polymers for mainly the realization of color combinations as a functional property.

AMAREAs Multi Material Jetting (MMJ) technology revolutionizes production through the possibilities of additive manufacturing using and combining different high-performance ceramics and metals in a single build job.

Combining different materials to a single part equipes the part with a combination of different functional properties. Feasable combinations of functional properties are (among others):

a) hard + ductile
b) electrically conductive + insulating
c) luminscent + dark
d) thermally conductive + insulating
e) multi-color
f) dense + porous

Add more materials.
Add more functional properties.
Add more value.

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