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Personalized scaffolds for tissue engineering research

Our 3D printed scaffolds are soft, pliable and highly porous suitable for in vitro cell culture or in vivo tests. The scaffolds are fabricated using AKIMed-c12, a high molecular weight linear semicrystalline poly(ether ester).

The degradation time of the scaffolds are estimated to be 9-10 months (hydrolytic conditions, 37 °C).

We make scaffolds to fit standard cell culture well-plates, tell us the brand and number of wells in the plates you use and we will adapt our designs to fit.

We also offer a feature to customize scaffolds and pre-evaluate the mechanical properties to your need.


Specifications and Deliverables
Let AKIRA help you to custom-make a design to tune the mechanical properties of your scaffold to your research question!

We possesses the know-how tailor the scaffold properties through changes in the design, we use simulation tools to asses the mechanical properties and fluid flow through your design before you start. This gives you more in-depth knowledge of the behavior of your system before you start your cell culture. Contact us for this feature and our engineers will help you to formulate a design!

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