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Piezoelectric: PyzoFlex

Printing of customized transducers (incl. protection layer) of specific shape and size on a variety of substrates Poling (target value poling) of the transducers as well as singularization of the transducers Basic evaluation electronic board.


PyzoFlex® – Fields of applications:

  • industry 4.0 (e.g. condition mointoring)
  • smart city & smart living (e.g. occupancy control, fall detection)
  • smart mobility (e.g. hands on detection)
  • smart wearbles (e.g. monitoring of vital parameters)
  • … and many more

This technology is able to enhance your product with new sensory functions.


Specifications and Deliverables
+ Energy self sufficiency of transducer
+ Multimodal sensing:
– ΔT: -100°C to +130°C
– ΔP: 30mN/cm2 to > 40kN/cm2
– Vibration: 0,1Hz to MHz

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