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Smart Printed OLED Labels

INURU prints light onto every surface possible and create electronic labels and packaging for game changing consumer marketing.

Expertise in Ink Jet printing & smart labels

  • Printed flexible OLEDs
  • Printed electrical circuitry
  • Flexible electrical connectors

The specifications can be adapted to customer needs.

  • Standard illuminated sizes: from 1 mm^2 up to 14 x 38 mm^2 per illuminated element, where the whole label can be up from a business card size (85 x 55 mm^2) up to no end.
  • Power: integrated into the label size itself.
  • Bendability: different solutions can be offered



Specifications and Deliverables
Fields of application:
– Printing and graphic arts
– Packaging/Logistics
– Medical packaging
– Home Decor
– Board games, stickers and toys
– Ligthing
– Consumer electronics
– Car interior
Value Proposition
Integration of lighting as a smart and interactive user interface into consumer applications.
Value proposition in our common use cases:

1. Packaging and marketing materials: Marketing through packaging, generating social interactions, making the product stand out.
2. Premium wine and Spirits: Creating value through visibility and premium appeal; allowing to increase sales price and margins.
3. Fashion and apparel: Improving visibility and safety for working wear and outdoor clothing. Adding high class appearance beyond color and fabric thus allowing to increase sales price and margin
4. Medical Packaging: creating value by improving medication adherence via visibility of key information directly on packaging. Visible light-up warnings and guidance directly on the label for various of scenarios
5. Home Decor: Providing additional value for consumers through animation and ambient lighting; collectability
6. Board games & collectible cards:
Creating interactive functionalities by adding light to the play

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