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Smart Textiles E-Textiles

Smart Textiles optimized solution services:

  • Define the business and end-user problem
  • Identify the suitable textile solution following less invasive and impact solution
  • Prototype the custom made textile solution to collect the right data
  • Collaborative design of Sensing + Sending + Analyzing System, that elaborates the data effectively.
  • Optimization of the solution in production level by simplifying all stages for businesses and outcomes for end-users.



Specifications and Deliverables
• Manufacturing process for different up-scalable e-textile systems for several applications.

• Smart Textiles which can interact with the environment/user and Electronic Textiles (e-textiles) textile sensors and or circuit systems that have flexibility, look like normal fabrics and can gather multiple information, transport data and communicate with the wearer and an outside party.

• Sensor creation process from natural and conductive raw materials, multiple electronic signal sensors can be converted to textiles, such as: ECG (Electrocardiogram), EMG (Electromyography), Respiration rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Movement, Treatment with electro stimulation.

Automated knitting machines with connective software to load the program patterns. A textile engineer is programming the machine to use the approx. 2000 knitting needles to achieve the special characteristics of each garment or other knitted product part of the fabric.

Field of application:
– Lifestyle & Fashion
– Sports & Outdoor
– Health & Wellbeing
– Home & Automotive
Value Proposition
Complete & Bespoke E-Textile Solutions according the needs of the business and end product specifications, beginning with sustainable textile materials selection until prototyping & test/small-scale production of the whole solution in one place.

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