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Spray freeze dryer – extruder line for the development of nanopowders and pellets

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) offers its clients the spray freeze dryer for the development of nanopowders with different functionalities due to the presence of active compounds (e.g. antimicrobial activity). The spray-freeze dried particles are incorporated into polymers with the utilization of a twin screw extruder for the development of functional pellets for different applications.

Specification of nanopowders and pellets:

Throughput: up to 4 kg/day nanopowders and up to 10kg/h pellets

Powder diameter: 200-600 nm

Development of nanopowders and pellets with different functionalities and prolonged shelf life of active compounds

Sustained release of active compounds: depend on the final application


Specifications and Deliverables
nanopowders and pellets, process parameter sheets, reports with characterisation results.

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