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Sustainability Assessment Expertise

The International Research Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies from the University of Burgos (UBU) offers the expertise to develop a full Sustainability Assessment including environmental, economic and social perspectives. Once this assessment is completed, a set of recommendations for more sustainable solutions are provided at different stages of the value chain. ICCRAM also offers a “Sustainable by Design“ approach, providing new ideas to re-design the product into a more sustainable concept.


Specifications and Deliverables
The system under assessment will be analysed and the goal and scope defined. The costumer will provide specific information regarding the inputs and outputs of the product system (inventory stage). With this information, ICCRAM will model and run the LCSA process, interpretate and ellaborate the recommendations. Specific deliverables within the LCSA modelling will be:
– Inventory analysis and accurance process
– Environmental, economic and social impact interpretation (full report)

Finally, the costumer will receive a set of „Sustainable by Design“ recommendations, including changes that will significantly improve their sustainability performance from the three aspects (environmental, economic and social).
Value Proposition
This methodology will allow the consumer to measure their product’s sustainability (environmental, economic and social) alogn the whole value chain. With this information, it will be identifyied the hotspots where the system can be improved including all the information to overcome environmental, economic or social criticalities.

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