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Battery tox
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Toxicity of battery materials

As batteries become a basic element in our day-to-day life, their environmental eco-friendliness gain importance. The International Research Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies from the University of Burgos (UBU) possesses the knowledge and capabilities in both battery and toxicity research, which are offered to potential customers. ICCRAM can assess the toxicity of starting materials, battery materials or even disassemble an entire battery and evaluate the toxicity of their elements. The potential hazard associated to these materials can be assessed applying a battery of in vitro assays using different model organisms representative of human and environmental exposure.


Specifications and Deliverables
The deliverable will contain information regarding the toxicity of the evaluated materials.
Value Proposition
Toxicity of materials used in batteries may not be known by the provider / developer. ICCRAM offers their capacities in combined knowledge in batteries and toxicity to provide a toxicology analysis of battery materials.

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