Newsletter - September 2022

Company News

KETMarket business starts with full power! From now on we will start with full power the business of KETMarket helping SME and industry to find the best-suited technology solution for their product development and building the largest technology and innovation marketplace in Europe. Become part of the story and submit your technology specification, R&D facility or innovation service to our database today… 

Our platform continues to grow! We have reached a first milestone of more than 60 entries to our database covering innovation services and technical facilities, upcoming events and conferences, markets and technology reports, and funding and finance opportunities for your developments. Thank you to all users who already contributed to our platform! Within the next three month we expect to continue to grow to more than 150 entries covering all hot topics in nanotechnology and services for realising your product development.

Survey on user experience with our platform: We continously improve our platform system and add new features to give our users the best possible experience. Please let us know what your think and share your feedback with us. We kindly ask you to take 5 minutes to fill our short services about your experience with the KETMarket marketplace and your wishes, comments, and feedback.