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Intellectual Property Management

Inlecom Commercial Pathways (ICP) is a not-for-profit SME, based in Ireland and set up to enable EU SMEs to develop their IP strategy and extract commercial value by linking commercial, R&D and innovation activities to create a strong IP portfolio.


  • We apply a cross-domain, consistent methodology that examines and prepares your research for commercialisation.
  • We can develop cost effective patenting strategies to file commercially strong patents, aligned with business strategy.
  • Establish a robust and proactive IP strategy which can adapt to the constantly changing business circumstances and ecosystem.
  • Develop an IP roadmap that can enable operational and business decisions to achieve commercial and IP goals.
  • Leveraging of the IP portfolio to generate revenue and enable growth

We can work with you to implement a tailor-made IP strategy which addresses specific circumstances and commercial goals:

  • IP education and training
  • Review of arising ideas and scoring to determine patentability
  • Prior art search
  • Development of a filing strategy
  • Interactions with a patent attorney
  • Patent drafting and filing support
  • Leveraging of patents in licensing and collaboration agreements