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School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering (NTUA)

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometers
  • ICP  spectrometers (ICP-MS & ICP-OS)
  • XRF spectrometer, UV spectrometer
  • Differential thermogravimetric analyzer
    (DTA, DTG, DSC)
  • X Rays Diffractometers
  • Portable spectrophotometers
  • BET specific surface area analyzer
  • Laser particle size analyzer
  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer (LECO)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope [SEM] and Transmission Electron Microscope [TEM] equipped also with Energy Dispersive System [EDS] for elements tracing and mapping
  • Electric Furnace for controlled expansion
  • Continuous flow Infra-Red Furnace for expansion of inorganic lightweight aggregates
  • High temperature unit for
    bleaching earths
  • Fully automated multi stage leaching reactors @CONVERT2GREEN @C2G
  • Equipment for in-situ sampling
  • Measurement of permeability
  • Dampness cells (ASTM D5744-96)
  • Columns for leaching kinetic tests of solid waste depositions
  • pH and Redox potential measurements
  • Portable equipment for dissolved oxygen, pH, redox potential and conductivity
  • Standard equipment for European tests
  • EN 12457. 01-04 CENTS 14405
  • Fully automated graphite vacuum furnace (max temp 2500ºC)
  • High temperature microwave furnace
  • Electrically heated rotary furnaces
  • Electric Arc furnace with graphite electrodes
  • Induction furnace
  • Static tube furnaces
  • Fluidized Bed furnace
  • Equipment for the determination of melting and softening points
  • Lavrion Technological Park (A high-tech building  (530 m2) H2 production and RES for evaluating energy performance of innovative technologies) @Convert2Green @C2G
  • Advanced experience on process modeling and simulation, CFD and LCA software: ASPEN, HISYS, Matlab, ANSYS, FLUENT, TRNSYS, SUPERPRO, COMSOL Multiphysics, SimaPro, GaBi