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EIC Transition – Open

What is the EIC Transition ?

The EIC Transition is a funding programme under Horizon Europe targeting innovation activities that goes beyond the experimental proof of principle in laboratory. It supports both the maturation and validation of novel technologies from the lab to the relevant application environments.

The EIC Transition offers support to SMEs, start-ups and organisations that:

  • have identified EU-funded project result(s) with promising commercial potential that could be the basis for innovation and promising new businesses
  • envision novel promising technology that is ready for the next steps towards its maturation and validation, to be further developed and validated for some specific, high potential, commercial applications
  • have conducted a preliminary market research to identify potential markets for their innovation and explored potential competitors
  • envisage building a motivated and entrepreneurial team with a mix of skills, including researchers, business people, marketers etc. to develop and drive the idea towards commercial success

Grant funding

  • Grants of up to EUR 2.5 million to validate and demonstrate technology in application-relevant environment (starting at TRL 3/ 4 aiming to achieve TRL 5/ 6) and develop business and market readiness.
  • Booster grants of a fixed amount not exceeding EUR 50 000 to undertake complementary activities to explore potential pathways to commercialisation or for portfolio activities

Extensive support

Access to a range of tailor-made Business Acceleration Services (BAS) for beneficiaries:

  • Access to global partners
  • Access to coaches, mentors, expertise and training
  • Access to innovation ecosystem and peers

EIC Transition Open

The EIC Transition Open has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any field of science, technology or application.

The overall budget for the EIC Transition Open in 2024 is EUR 94 million.

Streamlined application process

EIC Transition selection process comprises 3 steps. Each step passed successfully give access to the next step:

  • Writing your proposal
  • Evaluation by an EIC Jury
  • Face to face interview with the EIC Jury

Who can apply?

  • Single legal entities established in a Member State or an Associated Country (‘mono-beneficiary’) if you are a start-up, SME or research performing organisation (university, research or technology organisation, including teams, individual Principal Investigators and inventors in such institutions who intend to form a spin-off company). Larger companies (i.e. which do not qualify as SMEs) are not eligible to apply as a single legal entity
  • Small consortia of two independent legal entities from two different Member States or Associated Countries
  • Consortia of minimum three and maximum five independent legal entities (‘multi-beneficiary’) following standard rules i.e. must include at least one legal entity established in a Member State and at least two other independent legal entities, each established in different Member States or Associated Countries

Your proposal must build on results already achieved within an eligible project that are, at least, at experimental proof of concept (TRL 3) or, ideally, technology validated in the lab level (TRL 4). Proposals building on project results at TRLs other than TRL3 or TRL4 are not eligible.

The following list contains the research projects whose results are eligible for funding for further development and business exploration activities under the EIC Transition Open 2024 call.
Proposals  originating from research projects funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF), though not all listed in this file, are also eligible with focus on civil applications (including dual use) in addition to the other eligibility criteria.
This list does not constitute proof of eligibility and is provided as indication only.
Applicants, in case of doubt, are invited to contact the NCP network.
Eligibility will be verified during the evaluation after the cutoff date on the base of the EIC Work Programme 2024 text.

How to apply for the EIC Transition?

The application process consists of 3 steps:

  • Step 1
Write your proposal

Submit your proposal via the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal before the given deadline.

Sections 1 to 3 and the cover page (that includes the information about the related project on which the current EIC Transition proposal is built on) of part B of your proposal must consist of a maximum of 22 format A4 pages.

  • Step 2
Evaluation by an EIC Jury

Your proposal will be evaluated first by EIC expert evaluators. You will be informed about the result of this evaluation, including feedback on your proposal, indicatively within 9 weeks after the deadline. If your proposal successfully passes this first evaluation phase (see details below), you will be invited for an interview, which will be organised approximately between 12-14 weeks after the deadline.

  • Step 3

At the interview, you will be assessed by a panel of maximum 6 EIC Jury Members. You will be informed about the result of the interview indicatively within 4 weeks from the start of the interviews.

Deadline for submitting your proposal: 18 September 2024 at 17.00 Brussels time (CET).



EIC work programme 2024

General Information

Call Type
EU Horizon Europe
Expected Outcome or Impact
The expected outcomes of an EIC Transition project are: (1) a technology that is demonstrated to be effective for its intended application (TRL 5/6) and (2) a business model, its initial validation and a business plan for its development to market.
Target Groups
Research Institutes, Academia, Small- and Medium Enterprises, Start-Ups
Submission Deadlines
Single fixed deadline
(Next) Submission Deadline
18 September 2024
Type of Funding Instrument
Collaborative Projects / Consortia
Max. funding amount per project [EURO]
2,500,000 €
Overall budget for all projects [EURO]
94,000,000 € (all four EIC Transition Calls together)

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