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Horizon Europe Proposal and Project Coordination – AMIRES + KETMarket Joint Service

We coordinate for you the preparation of an Horizon Europe EU project proposal from the very first idea towards the submitted proposal and (if requested) beyond until the successfull completion of the project.

Our service enables industry driven consortia and market suited results of the project which allow you to maximize  commercial success of the project results in the shortest timeframe after the end of the project.

Our methodology is proven in 5 successful projects: Smart2Go, Switch2Save, FlexFunction2Sustain, NanoQI, and Convert2Green and has a current success rate of 83% in the last 4 years!

Our services include

  • Consulting of matching of your development objectives with the objectives of the Funding Call
  • Representation of your interest towards the consortium and the project
  • Support in preparing your individual exploitation strategy and value chains for project results
  • Consortium forming, partner search and contacts
  • Definition of the project objectives, concept, methodology and work plan based on the input provided by you and all partners
  • A time-schedule of proposal preparation and its follow up
  • Organisation and chairing of teleconferences and preparatory meetings
  • The correlation between project objectives, concept, and partnership
  • Preparation a budget consistent for each project participants (mainly 2nd stage), consulting every partner on financial planning for the project.
  • Structuring and responsibility over the Impact and Implementation parts (with support of all partners),
  • Support to exploitation activities planning, considering existing and new intellectual property rights (IPR) and drafting dissemination strategy of project results,
  • Collection of partner’s contributions according to the EU Projects guidelines,
  • Collection and data for and preparation of administrative forms for proposal submission
  • Provide all the logistics needed to prepare a proposal according to the standards required by the funding agency and submitted within the timeframe requested. The submission of the proposal will be done in electronic format if it is imposed by the EU procedure.
  • Preparation and submission of all proposal documents including technical annex part B and further required documents.



Input needed from customer
Project idea, strategic roadmap for business development in the next 3-5 years from each potential partner.
Specifications and Deliverables
1. Project concept note (Milestone 1)
2. Consortium partner list (Milestone 2)
3. Proposal ready to be submitted to the European Commission (Milestone 3)
Value Proposition
market oriented project concepts generating results for successful commercial exploitation
extraordinarily high success rates of >50% (in 2019 – 2023 even 83%)

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