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Bioreactor System and Facility for Dynamic Simulation of Cells

Our Offer

We offer dynamic simulation of cell cultures based on mechanical stimulation with the following characteristics:

  • Dynamic cell culture model with mechanical stimulation
  • In-vitro incubation of synthetic scaffolds
  • Controlled cell incubation conditions
  • Fully sterilized

Potential application

  1. Tissue Engineering – stimulate mechanical forces, nutrient supply, and biochemical conditions required for tissue formation
  2. Disease Modeling – develop disease models that closely mimic the conditions found in the human body
  3. Drug Discovery – Dynamic behavior of cells and tissues in response to various drugs or compounds


Input needed from customer
Biomaterials / drugs that they want to test
Specifications and Deliverables
Customers receive a simulation report with the testing results.
Value Proposition
Reduce the need of in-vivo studies and test your biomaterials in-vitro under relevant conditions.

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