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Cast film extrusion line

The cast film line is equipped with a 350 mm wide flat die, the adjustable lips of which allow the thickness to be varied from 25 to 250 μm.
The die head is equipped with ten heating zones (eight control zones distributed over the entire flat die and two heating zones for the upper and lower lips) adjustable up to a maximum temperature of 300 ° C.
The pulling line is made up of a temperature-regulated 400 mm diameter chill-roll, the temperature of the roller can be controlled between 40 and 160 ° C, with oil.
The rotational speed of the chill-roll allows the film to be stretched over a range of 0 to 35 m/min. Four steel rollers are arranged along the line to allow air cooling of the film. Finally, a movable roller at the end of the line not only keeps the film tension constant but also rolls up the film obtained. A cutting module allowing a “slackening” operation can be placed upstream of this roll.


Specifications and Deliverables

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