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Thermoplastics compounding and extrusion with melt filtration

The corotating twin-screw extruder is characterized by a screw diameter of 32 mm and an L/D ratio of 44.
The raw material supply is ensured by a set of weight feeders allowing the dosing of a multitude of solid and liquid materials.
Filtration of the molten material is carried out by a manual two-position filtering system (Maag HSC-050) located at the head of the extruder. The filtration diameter is 50 mm, i.e. the filtration surface is approximately 20 cm², a pressure sensor placed before the screen allows to monitor the clogging of the filter. This filtration system can work at a differential pressure of around 200 bars and temperature up to 300°C. The filtration fineness can be adjusted through different filters and filter combinations: 105μm, 150 μm, 300 μm, and 500 μm.
The extruder is equipped with a water cooling tank to solidify strands then a granulator cuts them into cylindrical granules.


Specifications and Deliverables

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