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Diagnostic Biosensors


The MI-Sense Biosensor is based on a combination of chemical printing and biochemical technologies generating a fully printed and flexible electrochemical device usable as bio-sensor for a wide range of biomarkers.


  • Electrochemical biosensor
  • Troponin detection (range 10 ng/L – 10 µg/L)
  • Fully printed on flexible substrates (sheet-2-sheet and roll-2-roll production for low cost production of large amount of sensors)
  • Can be integrated to portable devices, wearables, and point of care system


  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Sports
  • Wearable Devices


Value Proposition
Our sensors are customizable, very small in size, with low cost of production (roll-to-roll printing capable) and can detect e.g. biomarkers that indicate vascular diseases in human blood at very low concentrtration with only a drop of a sample.

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