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Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Materials

Currently, an increasing demand for autonomous sensors and systems with wireless radio connection and autonomous energy supply can be observed. This is in part due to the strong trend towards continually smaller mobile systems and the increasing market for “wearables”.

The energy supply of such systems by means of batteries or cables is often too complicated or complex. One solution provides the on-site energy generation from the environment – the so-called energy harvesting. Depending on the requirements and environment, it can be realized for example by solar cells, thermoelectric or piezoelectric materials. Here, new piezoelectric materials and technologies for their production are being introduced to convert mechanical energy (deformation, vibration) into electrical energy.

Our offer

  • Application-specific layer depositions of AIN and AlXSc1-XN (e. g. for energy harvesting)
  • Optimization of materials and coatings for further fields of application (ultrasound generation, resonance filter, actuators)
  • Hardware and technology development for coating equipments
  • Electromechanical simulations



Flyer Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Materials – For additional Information


Specifications and Deliverables
– Autonomous on-site energy generation for sensor applications
– Transport / Logistics
– Aerospace
– Mechanical engineering
– Monitoring
– Medical technology

More Info and Video

Additional documents (Flyers, Specification Sheets, Material Safety Datasheets…)

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