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Microbiological safety testing

Equipment & Facilities

BSL-2 microbiology laboratories

Application examples

Test materials and products such as medical devices or food packaging to ensure they are safe and do not support microbial growth (UC2, UC3, UC4, UC5, UC6). Testing of FCMs to ensure they prevent microbial contamination ensuring the quality and shelf life of food products (UC5, UC6).

Ensure product performance according to the claims for antimicrobial materials (UC4, UC6).


Specifications and Deliverables
Suitable for all types of materials upon
Detection and quantification of microbial groups
or specific microorganisms (e.g., yeast and
moulds by ISO-21527, mesophiles by ISO-4833,
total coliforms, faecal coliforms and E. coli by ISO-
9308, L. monocytogenes by ISO-11290).

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