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OASIS – Aerogel panels

The pilot line consists of a semi-industrial Freeze-Dryer that permits to obtain aerogel panel materials with exceptional properties. The porous material is firstly frozen and consequently sublimated under vacuum by a primary and secondary drying process. The pilot line is a compact unit with casters, constructed in a steel stove-enamelled cabinet. It is equipped with a vial stoppering and spacing device, isolation valve chamber to condenser, micro suite software and a vacuum pump with exhaust filter. The system permits to control the freeze-dryer functions by a Human Machine Interface that offers:

  •  information about system elements such as: valves, motors, indicator,
  •  output alarm information,
  •  modifying the parameters of the freeze-dryer cycle,
  •  protecting the system from unauthorized use and
  •  recipe development.

Also, a vacuum sensor is in the chamber to control the pressure of the product environment, enabling the evaluation of the final scale-up results. Monitoring the experimental conditions is possible to fully understand the physicochemical properties of the final product. Additionally, this opportunity allows controlling and improving the energy consumption during the freeze-drying process.


Specifications and Deliverables
Develop innovative materials (ultralight, high thermal insulation, high porosity, optimization of the thickness).
Optimize synthesis conditions.
Obtain experimental data that allow to model and simulate the process at industrial scale.
Value Proposition
Lightweight properties
Thermal properties management

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