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OASIS – Corrosion resistance design and testing

OASIS Composites OITB

The nanomodified coatings production is studied following different experimental procedures, like the mechanochemical synthesis of nanoparticles and their posterior incorporation or impregnation with the resin. Different tests to study the corrosion and UV radiation resistance, water absorption, adhesion properties and abrasion resistance of concrete probes coatings are designed.

Ability to perform a variety of tests focused on the corrosion resistance of devices such as:

  •  Artificial weathering in a 6 weeks cycle run (modified from an ASTM D5894 test):
    •  Salt chamber fog at 35 °C for three weeks
    •  UV VA 340 chamber (cycle of UV at 60 °C with 0.65 W/m² for 4 h)
  •  Adhesion strength by pull off test before and after aging, (ASTM 4541 and UNE 1062 tests).
  •  Measuring the water permeability (UN3 1062-3 test)
  • Determining the abrasion resistance (EN ISO 5470-1 test).


Specifications and Deliverables
Synthesis, characterisation, and application of nano coatings with exceptional properties such as:

i) high hydrophobicity;

ii) high corrosion and UV radiation resistance;

iii) high adhesion properties, and

iv) improved abrasive resistance.
Value Proposition
Wear resistance

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