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OASIS – Fire resistance design and testing

OASIS – Fire resistance design and testing

OASIS Composites OITB

The fire resistant design of composites considers the study of the basic principles that drive the performance in the combustion process of not just materials but complete devices as well.

Development of flame retardant systems, and fire resistance coatings for polymers (thermoplastics and thermosets), metal, wood….

Different approaches for the upgrading of fire performance in fibre reinforced composites can be considered, both for reaction and resistance to fire:

  1. Design of a flame retardant system by the addition of adequate flame retardants to the resin, such as inorganics (ATH, Mg(OH)2, Bohemite….); phosphorous based FR (APP, Phosphates, Phosphinates….. ); nanofillers (Modified clays, sepiolites…. )
  2. An ad-hoc top-coat, coating or paint, primarily based in intumescent solutions.

Reaction to fire: Vertical, horizontal & experimental furnaces with cone calorimeter, smoke density chamber coupled to FTIR, Oxygen index (L.O.I), UL 94, radiant panel, tubular furnace, flammability test, calorimeter bomb, non-combustibility test, TGA-EGA. According EN standards (Euroclasses system), IMO, ASTM, ISO, EN 45545-2 , propagation of facades BS 8414-1.

Toxicity of fire effluents tests:

– NF X70-100 (tubular furnace and NBS Smoke chamber)

– ISO 5659-2 + FTIR (annex.C EN 45545-2) test


Specifications and Deliverables
Analyse, develop and validate the behaviour and fire safety performance of materials and construction systems

Design of Fire reaction/resistance solutions.

Design of ad-hoc fire performance protocols from small scale to medium, large scale.

Compliance with fire testing standards/regulations.

Fire resistance of construction elements and service installations
Reaction to fire of materials, products and systems and their contribution
Opacity and toxicity of combustion gases.
Development and fine-tuning of assessment methodologies to accommodate new technical and market requirements.
Regulatory advice for the theoretical and experimental predictive assessment of fire performance
Value Proposition
Thermal properties management

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