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OASIS – Production upscaling support

OASIS Composites OITB

On the one hand, the activities carried out in the industrialisation of a new product or service are based on the analysis of the technology to be used, the market demand, customer needs and the logistics needed to connect them by several industrial-adapted supports such as:

  •  VSM (Value Stream Mapping) to understand the process steps, the customer demand, the material flows and the information flows.
  •  Load – capacity calculation, to assess how many machines, devices, systems, work force… will be necessary to meet the demand.
  •  Layout definition: to design plant machines and workplaces distribution in order to have an efficient working environment, optimising the production process, but also facilitating the logistics and maintenance of the machines.
  •  Logistics definition to be sure that the process has all the necessary material on time, considering from the raw material storing to the supply to the process and retiring the final product to the warehouse.
  •  Machines and auxiliary installations functional specs development: these are deeper engineering analyses to define in detail the system needs, in which many different areas (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, electronic controllers, sensors, …) can be included.
  •  Process control definition to assure an optimal quality and productivity in safe conditions.
  •  Manufacturing cost calculation: this is a critical step in which not only the calculation is done, but is also used as an input to decide how this cost can be optimized.


On the other hand, the activities carried out in the technology development includes:

  •  Conceptual design of the technology
  •  Prototypes construction
  •  Running of process tests and characterization of processing parameters
  •  Design of the final improved concept
  • Functional specs of the final improved technology development


Specifications and Deliverables
Defining the process with an industrial orientation, to meet market demands and to be as efficient as possible.

Developing a new or improved technology with an industrial orientation, to manufacture the new product.
Value Proposition
Lightweight properties
Smart properties
Mechanical performance
Thermal properties management
Electrical properties management
Wear resistance

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