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OASIS – Pultruded nanoreinforced parts

OASIS Composites OITB

This modular pilot line is an open access infrastructure for companies, which was implemented for the production of high performance nano-enabled composites in industrial scale. The pultrusion line has a modular setup and can run from 0.05 m/min up to 3 m/min. Utilizing this modular setup; it is possible to investigate different fiber reinforcements, such as UD-fiber-rovings, mat and woven fabrics. Further reinforcement can be implemented in line with a braider and/or a winder. All state of the art impregnation systems are applicable and a variety of resin systems and fillers can be processed. The modular setup is also consisting of three different heating device setups, which can be combined in all variations. This includes IR-heating, an inductive heating unit and electrically heated dies. Furthermore, there is the possibility to measure, control and monitor all important process parameters. Examples include an online pressure monitoring for the impregnation chamber as well as a temperature control system, consisting of various thermocouples supplemented by a fully integrated IR-Camera system. In total, this results in an optimal environment for research, material- and process development based on innovative approaches in the field of nano-enabled pultrusion.


Specifications and Deliverables
Pultrusion of nano-enabled resins.
Different curing methods, profiles, resin systems and reinforcement materials.
Evaluate and monitor process parameters.
Functionalised resin systems.
Faster pultrusion speed.
Wide range of pultrusion profiles.
Value Proposition
Lightweight properties
Mechanical performance
Thermal properties management
Electrical properties management
Wear resistance

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